Ajith Prasad Anand Sadanam

Mentor, Chief Architect

Strongly influenced by the power of the crowd – open source, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding; collective, situational, shared – leadership and ownership; and Servant Leadership: Ajith is passionately engaged in transforming a limited liability company into a social entrepreneurial venture.

Life is a transformative experience for him. During his lifetime, He would explore to script the future – a collective future achieved through synergistic and symbiotic collaboration, by mindfully engaging in the present.


Sarangi Balu

Chief Executive Officer

The idea of being an entrepreneur stroked her during her college days but had no idea about how to pursue her entrepreneurial goal. While working as a software engineer in LXI technologies, she got a couple of friends having the same goal and a good mentor which helped her get into entrepreneurship journey. Her uniqueness lies in facing challenges and taking responsibilities in life. She believes in self and aspires to become successful so as to work for the transformation of society.


Muhammed Ruhail

Chief Operating Officer

He chose entrepreneurship as the best opportunity to bring an impact on the lives of people in our society and to curb unemployment and related issues. This gave him the freedom to express his ideas. Basically, he is a socially informed person with strong opinions and views on every aspect of life.  Therefore, he decided to carve a new path for himself instead of following others. He strongly believes in “Why can’t I?”, if others can!


Sanil kumar

Chief Technology Officer

He had no plans to start entrepreneurship until he joined and started working as a Software engineer in LXI technologies. When an excellent idea met with good mentorship, he grabbed the opportunity to become an entrepreneur along with a couple of his friends. He strongly believes that life is not all about money. Despite knowing the ups and downs of the start-up culture, he pursued entrepreneurship to harness technology to bring in a transformation in society.